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Saturday Night Fever

Surely this is a compilation soundtrack and not a Bee Gees album? Only half the songs are Bee Gees ones.

Re: Saturday Night Fever

It's like THE BODYGUARD; even if other artists are on the album, it was the hits by The Bee Gees (and Whitney Houston) that drove sales and the reputation of the album. Were there other notable songs on the album?

Re: Saturday Night Fever

"Disco Inferno" by the Trammps (in all its 11-minute glory) is pretty notable, and Yvonne Elliman's "If I Can't Have You" was another #1 single from the album. And how could anyone forget "Night on Disco Mountain"?


"Disco Inferno"a hit before SNF was released, though?

It is as Jason said- also, the Brothers Gibb wrote a number of the other tracks (i.e. If I Can't Have You, More Than a Woman- appeatring twice on the album, one by Bee Gees, the other in the hit version by Tavares).

Re: Saturday Night Fever

Well they may well have written 2 of the other tracks they didnt perform on, but that doesnt count does it. Half the songs are not performed by the Bee Gees, and a good number of them have nothing to do with the Bee Gees.

Re: Saturday Night Fever

But everyone associates that album with the Bee Gees, which is the point. It wasn't a soundtrack where a lot of other people had hits from it.

Re: Saturday Night Fever

I have listed "The Original Soundtrack" as the artist for the SNF album, although if you click on the "The Original Soundtrack" link you're being directed to the Bee Gees' page. How is this a problem?

SNF is not a compilation in my opinion, since the songs were new on the album (although a few of them had been previously released as singles).


an act needs around 1/3 of the album to be credited. For instance, Record Research's Billboard albums book used to credit Olivia Newton-John with Grease- but, it stopped doing that, as she only sang on 5 of the album's 20 or so cuts (20%). It could be argued that she had a lot to do with the success of that album, but, again, just 20% of the tracks.

The Bee Gees sing on 6 of the soundtrack's 18 tracks- that's 1/3.


make that *17* tracks on the album- even better!