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Errors on pages for Firefox users

I know I should have done this a long time ago, but today I took a closer look at acclaimedmusic.net using Firefox. I found a couple of "errors".

1. Most annoying was the female symbol at the end of many headings, e.g. "The Top Albums from 2006 " (the female symbol becomes a square when I copy it into this forum). All the artists also have this symbol at the end of their names. For male artists this is quite awkward!!!
2. All the information in the lists that lead to other pages are supposed to be in blue but not underlined until you hold your mouse over the text. In Firefox all links are underlined all the time, which makes the lists a bit messy I think.

I would like to know if other Firefox users are experiencing the same problems. Also, are there any other errors? What about the Safari and Opera browsers?

Re: Errors on pages for Firefox users

I dont get a female symbol I get a vertical line.

Re: Errors on pages for Firefox users

OK, I hope that I'm the only one who sees a female symbol. That would explain why no one has pointed out this to me before. This is weird though.

BTW, my example above of a heading with a symbol must have been confusing as the symbol didn't come through in the forum...