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Alan Parsons Project?

Didn't see them on the list at all (surely they'd rank within the top 300 or so?), and was surprised to see Chicago ranked so low.

They're Both...

sort of looked upon as being middle-of-the-road bands, I think. I do like "Eye of the Sky" and "Time," etc. and I do like some Chicago, but latter-day Chicago probably killed it for "classic" Chicago. hehe Tellingly, Chicago hasn't been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Re: Alan Parsons Project?

I like some of their albums, but they are hardly known to be typical critical favourites, to say the least.

Re: Alan Parsons Project?

Same with Camel, decent band but never really amazing.

Re: Alan Parsons Project?

Geir is absolutely right that Alan Parsons is definitely not a critics darling. But "I, Robot" was just recently included in the Pause and Play vault (http://www.pauseandplay.com/vault.htm). This doesn't mean that the album will be included in the next AM update, but it is bubbling not very far under.

Re: Alan Parsons Project?

"I Robot" is obviously the best Alan Parsons album anyway, so not surprisingly it is the one closest to inclusion in the list.

Camel would have been nice, but along with Gentle Giant they seem to have kind of a status as "poor man's Yes or Genesis", so I guess no hope. At least both feature prominently (alongside - or a bit behind - Yes and Genesis) in my RYM yearlists :)