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Mosern Rock 500


Re: Mosern Rock 500

Last year's was better.

Re: Mosern Rock 500

The differences to last year's list aren't that many, but I've found a few notable changes. They've suddenly stopped liking Green Day, Killers and Soundgarden. Last year they had 3 Green Day songs in the top 200, this year they're all out of the top 500!

Thanks Mikey2000!

Re: Mosern Rock 500

That' OK

Glad to see The Smiths at #1 and Radiohead in there too

Re: Mosern Rock 500

Oh wait The Smiths weren't at #1, well Joy Division rule too!

Re: Mosern Rock 500

OK, they were, oh i've confused myself now. Joy Division were #1 in 2005 and The Smiths were #1 in 2006