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BLENDER's 5 Most Influential Artists 2001-2006

This list isn't one AM would include, of course, but you all may be interested. BLENDER is having its 5 year anniversary and named the 5 most influential people in music during this time period:
1. Kanye West
2. Bright Eyes
3. Simon Fuller (AMERICAN IDOL creator)
4. Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day
5. Mariah Carey

I Like How...

Blender made a comment how they were the ones, "at least, we could get on the phone," or something like that. Keeping it real!

Re: BLENDER's 5 Most Influential Artists 2001-2006

lol Mariah Carey...

Re: BLENDER's 5 Most Influential Artists 2001-2006

why are you lol at mariah? she has influenced nearly every female vocalist out there (from beyonce, kelly, and christina to nelly furtado and others), is largely responsible for the rap/sung trend, and even started an urban ballad trend with "we belong together." like it or not, she's had a huge influence on music.

Re: BLENDER's 5 Most Influential Artists 2001-2006

Oh JR, just because Madonna didn't make the list you don't have to be all snarky. She'll survive, and so will you.

I think it's a pretty accurate list. The only thing I would change is taking out Kanye West for Michael Jackson. I like Kanye's music, but I don't see where he has influenced much to this point. Michael, however, can be seen and heard in Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and so on.

To the ones Blender did include...
Green Day has been hugely influential. In the past few years we've heard their influence via A Simple Plan, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, etc.

Bright Eyes has been great for the indie community and has helped Rilo Kiley, Death Cab, and others.

Simon Fuller/AI has obviously shaped music a lot the past few years, in various ways. His show brought us Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and others, but it has also shaped pop culture and changed some things in the business of music.

And then Mariah has had a huge influence on music since she came out, which Jess wrote about so I don't need to explain.

Good list overall.

LOL Jason...

Blender is a strong Ciccone supporter (for good reason, obviously), so there's no ill will about M not being on this short list- she's probably one they couldn't get on the phone, anyhow!

And, who said Mimi created the rap/sung thing? Boy, have we missed out on many years of music pre-Mimi-collaborating-with-rappers.

Re: BLENDER's 5 Most Influential Artists 2001-2006

i don't see where anyone said mariah created rap/sung collaborations. i just said she is largely responsible for the trend, and that's true. mariah has had a huge influence on music in the last 15 years, and anyone who tries to deny that is just ignorant (or biased).

and madonna wouldn't make a list of influential artists of the last 5 years whether or not they could get her on the phone. i don't hear her influence in any current music. you are taking that phone comment way too seriously.