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What about Jamiroquai?

Tell me something: isn't 'Travelling without music' 1 of the 2500 best of the 90's? can't believe it man...
songs like 'Dance', 'Deeper underground', 'Black capricorn day', 'The return of the space cowboy'... poor thing... what a chart..

Re: What about Jamiroquai?

I meant 'Travelling without movin'. I don't know the way picks go... but can understand it. I'd put that album at least 1 of the 100 best of the 90's, and songs like that and many more should be on the list too

Re: What about Jamiroquai?

oh man... what about George Michael and his 'Older'?

Re: What about Jamiroquai?

None of those songs are on the Travelling Without Moving record.