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Buck Ownens tribute: 4 Quarters Gets Me 2 Buck Songs (the free mp3 remix)

The official word from Dr. BLT's Rumor Dismantling Center is that the rumor that Brad Paisley will join him in the studio to work on his new Buck Owens tribute CD, Confessions of a Buckaholic, is false. This is only a wish and a dream of Dr. BLT's. However, Dr. BLT is a believer in the sentiment expressed in 80s pop star Howard Jone's hit, Dream into Action. So Brad, if you're out there, please listen to this Buck Owens tribute song, and have your people call Dr. BLT's people.

4 Quarters Get Me 2 Buck Songs (The Re-mix)
words and music by Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c)2006

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