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Greatest Hits

I'm confused. Can you not Count Anthologys (Greatest Hits, ect.) when regarding to Albums of the artists ranked on this site? Otherwise I think the following artists would be ranked higher, if they did count anthologys.

Sly & The Family Stone
The Byrds
Al Green
Ray Charles
Muddy Waters
Hank Williams
Bob Marley
The Kinks
James Brown

Re: Greatest Hits

Oh yeah, also Robert Johnson, since he has one of the best blues albums ever.

No Greatest Hits...

are counted. if they were, something like The Immaculate Collection would boost the Queen even more!

I can understand why they're not counted, in retrospect. If an act is a particularly strong singles artist and those singles reallyshaped/defined an era or something, then that particular compilation is a no-brainer. Hence, if they have a lot of singles/tracks in the AM top 2,500, makes sense to check out the compilation.

Re: Greatest Hits

One thing I've noticed about the best compilations is that they aren't as synchronized as regular albums. For example there are probably plenty of Beatles Anthologies, but most people are more satisfied with the regular albums. The artists I've noted have one or two compilations that are pretty good albums to listen to front to back. Sly & The Family Stone's "Greatest Hits" in particular, is just about as good as There's A Riot Goin' On, or Stand.

Re: Greatest Hits

Built to Spill has a best of in the top 20 this year. Where's the Cocteau Twin's compilation?