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I was there this afternoon , just about to leave the place with an astroboy poster. I thought i would check out the downstairs section for a quick second.

So i go down there and gaze at a few things at a distance then the manager there says we are closing up soon. I said Ok.

3 seconds later he raises his tone at me and says "we are closing up soon". So reasonable as I am I say to the guy your closing up soon didnt explain that you wanted me out , to try to suggest to him why I didnt leave. I was very placid and non offensive in my language and attitude with what I said.

Then , he swore at me and told me that I could F%$k off out of the store. Im going to contact the owner. because this kind of thing is not on. I went back in to ask for the owners number so i could complain and he tried to intimidate me out of the door. I said dont touch me. He had alcohol in his breath too.

What concerns me is that this guy is supposed to be the manager. Wheres the proffesionalism. Okay not everyone is perfect , sure some people have show up to work with alcohol in their system , fine with me. But you can treat a customer like that especially when you are supposed to be setting an example for your staff.


anyone who can assist getting the owners number would really help me here. This is simply not on