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Back from Swedish mountain skiing

Back from a holiday, I'm working on the next site update again. I'm adding quite a few lists and it will take a while until the work is completed (not that I will add all the lists that can be found on the homepage). So please hold out until some time in April.

Re: Back from Swedish mountain skiing


Just kidding. (Maybe.) Welcome back, Henrik. We will try to be patient - the next update should be a good one.

I have one question re: current-year albums. I know that during any given year, the ranking of new albums is mostly influenced by their MetaCritic scores (unless one happens to earn a slot on a new list a la Arctic Monkeys on the NME British list). Do you have a standard number of MetaCritic reviews required before you add a new release to the database? That would help us keep track between updates of which current albums are likely to show up on the list next time around. Thanks in advance.

Re: Back from Swedish mountain skiing

There is no specific number required. If the metascore is 100 maybe 5 sources would be enough.

Anyway, your question was probably more fruitful than you thought, as I realised that posting a preliminary 2006 list here in the forum would be easy for me.

Sometimes the sun shines in March.....