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ATTN: Anyone in Los Angeles (or elsewhere)

If you live in Los Angeles, I have a friend who is playing a set at Pig and Whistle in Hollywood, and he kicks ass. You should go see him.

Hello Friends ,

We're doing a little acoustic show Friday night at Hollywood's coolest new little venue, The Pig and Whistle. Its located right near Hollywood and Highland, almost Kitty-corner to the Kodak Theatre (Acadamy Awards)
So you can park in that Hollywood Highland Complex real cheap , and just walk about a block east past McDonalds and right before the Egyptian theatre. We're startin at 8:30 sharp Friday March 3rd.
Please stop by if you can



If you swing by, say hello to him for me and tell him Magellan sent you. He'll know what you mean.

And, for anyone who is interested, whether you can make it or not, here is a few tunes from the man himself.