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Efe Eme best of 2005

The last number of “Efe Eme” (Efe Eme 75, February 2006) includes the best albums of 2005 in order of preference. “Efe Eme” is a magazine produced in Valencia, my city (but with distribution to all Spanish territories), that pays attention mainly to Spanish and South American pop, but also to international artists, with preference for classic rock and veteran musicians (by example this month includes articles about Paul Weller and Jackson Browne).
It includes 25 international albums and 25 Spanish albums from the whole staff, and also some geographic and style Top 10 from individual writers:
- Argentina: #1 album BABASÓNICOS “Anoche”
- Soul: #1 album ANTHONY HAMILTON “Ain’t Nobody Worryin’”
- Country: #1 album DWIGHT YOAKAM “Blame the Vain”
- Folk: #1 album NOVA GALEGA DE DANZA “Alento”
- Jazz: #1 album VARIOUS “Progressions – 100 Years of Jazz Guitar”
- France: #1 album CAMILLE “Le fil”
- Brazil: #1 album MARIA BETHANIA “Que falta você me faz”

The best international albums of 2005 in Efe Eme were:
1. LOS SUPER 7 “Heard It on the X”
2. RY COODER “Chavez Ravine”
3. ANTHONY HAMILTON “Ain’t Nobody Worryin’”
5. FRANZ FERDINAND “You Could Have It So Much Better”
6. PAUL McCARTNEY “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard”
7. AMOS LEE “Amos Lee”
8. WILCO “Kicking Television. Live in Chicago”
9. PAUL WELLER “As Is Now”
10. CAFÉ TACUBA “Un viaje”
11. ANDREA ECHEVERRI “Andrea Echeverri”
12. PINK MARTINI “Hang on Little Tomato”
13. APOLLO NOVA “Res inexplicata volans”
14. AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS “Alice in Ultraland”
15. ROBERT WYATT & FRIENDS “In Concert, Theatre Drury Lane”
16. JOHN CALE “Black Acetate”
17. THE WHITE STRIPES “Get Behind Me Satan”
18. JUAN Y LA BRUJA “No vinimos de shopping”
19. VARIOUS “Our New Orleans 2005”
20. HABANA ABIERTA “Boomerang”
21. JOHN HIATT “Master of Disaster”
22. KATE BUSH “Aerial”
23. THE REVEREND AL GREEN “Everything’s OK”
24. AMADOU & MARIAM “Dimanche a Bamako”
25. RICHARD HAWLEY “Coles Corner”

As I told you, it includes many Latin American albums (and veteran pop artists too).
I’ve got the lists of 2001 and 2002 too, but there were with no order and categorized by country and styles, and I don’t know really if the lists were from individual critics or from staff votes, so I won’t post it. And I don’t know if there are lists from 2003 and 2004.

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