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A Prediction List

Its been almost a year since rolling stone magazine rated from other artists, producers, ect. of what the greatest 100 artists in rock n' roll or related. In my opinion it was more of an influencial list then overall talent, depends on your point of view, but anyway, if they did do a greatest 150 artists here's what I predict, based on what kind of angles and attitudes they (the artists, producer, ect.) have.

1. John Coltrane
2. Pink Floyd
3. B.B. King
4. Fleetwood Mac
5. Talking Heads
6. Creedence Clearwater Revival
7. Paul Simon
8. The Meters
9. The Smiths
10. Love
11. Carole King
12. Steely Dan
13. Tom Waitts
14. Crosby Stills, Nash & Young
15. The Notorious B.I.G.
16. Blondie
17. Ornette Coleman
18. Johnny Lee Hooker
19. R.E.M.
20. The Zombies
21. Willie Nelson
22. Thelenos Monk
23. Pavement
24. Lou Reed
25. Brian Eno
26. Little Walter
27. Rod Stewart
28. The Crystals
29. Nick Drake
30. Pixies
31. Buffalo Springfield
32. Captain Beefheart
33. Kanye West
34. A Tribe Called Quest
35. Randy Newman
36. Ry Cooder
37. Beck
38. T-Bone Walker
39. Outkast
40. Red Hot Chili Peppers
41. The White Stripes
42. Little Walter
43. Eric B. & Rakim
44. Jefferson Airplane
45. Metallica
46. Mary J. Blige
47. Dusty Springfield
48. Jay-Z
49. The Strokes
50. Massive Attack

Runners Up
Billy Joel
The Neville Brothers
Tom Petty
Grandmaster Flash
De La Soul
Derek & The Dominoes
Richard & Linda Thompson
Bonnie Raitt
Sonic Youth
Albert King

Re: A Prediction List

You seriously think Rolling Stone would do a list like that without Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Prince, U2, Public Enemy or Radiohead on it?????

Maybe I just don't understand the premise of your predicted list.

Re: A Prediction List

I think the premise of Dudemon's list is that none of these artists made the original ROLLING STONE list of the top 100 artists - that's why no Beatles, Dylan, etc. He's saying if the magazine decided to expand _beyond_ the original top 100 these would be the next 50.

Re: A Prediction List


Re: A Prediction List

In regards to your prediction list:
I think that Tom Petty would probably make the next top 50. And I've got to think that R.E.M. would be higher, I'm surprised they weren't in their firts top 100, shocked even. And you can't forget about Big Star and The Replacements, RS seems to respect them a lot (and rightfully so).

Re: A Prediction List

Hmm. You do have a point about the Replacements. I'm not much of a Big Star Fan, but I suppose they do have a little bit of a legacy. However, the one artist I'm still pondering should have been on the list is Ravi Shankar. Technically he's not really related to any of the genres on the list, but he did mentor the Beatles quite a bit, and is treated like a rock n' roll star since he played at woodstock.