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Re: Do you agree with the critics?

M.I.A. is awful. It's dance music with no danceable beat, no hooks and lousy vocals. I don't understand why so many critics think it's great.

Re: Do you agree with the critics?

I don't think that necessarily the critics are more "wrong" nowadays than in the 60s or 70s. For example, I looked at the Pazz 'n Jop lists Harold Wexler posted a while ago. Take for example 1977, one of the most highly regarded years ever:

1. Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols - 9
2. Elvis Costello, My Aim is True - 79
3. Television, Marquee Moon - 27
4. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours - 52
5. Steely Dan, Aja - 267
6. The Ramones, Rocket to Russia - 246
7. Talking Heads: 77 - 295
8. Randy Newman, Little Criminals - 804
9. Garland Jeffreys, Ghost Writer - ---
10. Cheap Trick, In Color - 1072

If this year would be 1977, the critics would proably be heavily criticised by some (including me) for putting a bunch of poseurs on n° 1, while ignoring the Clash's excellent debut. Or for putting Steely Dan's boring old-people music above the vibrant Talking Heads.
But since 1977 is almost 30 years ago, nobody is as passionate about something as unimportant as a silly critics' list.

Re: Do you agree with the critics?

Just wanted to clarify - the reason THE CLASH didn't make the Pazz & Jop list in 1977 is because the album did not receive a U.S. release until two years later (the reconfigured U.S. version placed at #3 on that year's P&J poll). The poll didn't include imports until much later. (I believe that BOY IN DA CORNER made the 2003 top ten as an import, as it wasn't officially released Stateside until early '04.)

Re: Do you agree with the critics?

I think people have little problem with the past lists since they are mostly based on the albums/songs that have lasted. There is value in looking at the list made in the year and the lists made later.

Re: Do you agree with the critics?

You can bitch all you want about these lists, to me they're just suggestions of what to look for. Hey, I personally thought that the new bright eyes album was better than illinios, but I can see why people still like it.

"Different Strokes for different Folks"

-Sly Stone