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Dr. BLT Denies Rumors He will be touring with U2

For Immediate Release
From: Dr. BLT Music
Re: Singer/songwriter/cult idol Dr. BLT denies rumors he plans to tour/record album with U2.

Singer/songwriter/cult idol Dr. BLT is denying rumors that he plans to go into the studio with U2 and further denies that he will be touring with U2. He will be busy recording his 2 solo CD projects, RUBBER Stamp my SOUL, a tribute to the Beatles, which includes this free mp3 tribute to George Harrison:

Bye George
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005

and Stoneground Dreams: A Bittersweet Tribute to The Rolling Stones, which contains this free mp3 tribute to the Rolling Stones:

Stoneground Tears:
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005

Bono was unavailable for comment. Dr. BLT went so far as to say that so far he hasn't even been approached by U2 or their management team. He went even further than to deny the rumors. He denied that the rumors even exist.