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Re: The last update ... and the new

Henrik, there's something fishy about this last update. I noticed most albums didn't move at all, even those that were very high on the NME list, like The Stone Roses or The Queen Is Dead. Also when you click on the Stone Roses to display the lists the album appears on, the new lists aren't there. I don't know if the same is true for other albums.

Re: The last update ... and the new

The new NME list is there, but you probably need to reload the pages for Stone Roses and Queen Is Dead. These albums were number 1 and 8 in NME's all-time list from 2003, and were thus expected to end up high in the new NME list. They need to achieve high positions in all-time lists from other magazines in order to climb on AM.

Re: The last update ... and the new

One question about the update, has the update taken into count 'I Predict A Riot' featuring on 2004 EOY lists when it was orginally released? (NME #11 for example)

Re: The last update ... and the new

No, I wasn't aware of that. I'll change it for the next update. Thanks!