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When You're Gone pays tribute to Eminem's Whem I'm Gone (free mp3)

When You're Gone: Song Pays Tribute to Eminem's When I'm Gone

After seeing Eminem's video for the song, When I'm Gone, singer/songwriter/psychologist, Dr. BLT (Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen), whose song, Black Santa recently hit #21 on the top 30 downloads at mp3000.net, was inspired to write a tribute to Eminem that praises how well the song captures the struggle many men face between family and a career they have a great deal of passion for. The song is being offered as a free mp3 to Eminem fans via this link:

When You're Gone (Eminem Tribute)
words and music by Dr. Brcue L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT

For more information, reply to this email address.