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Canada's Pazz&Jopp

Eye Weekly's 15th annual cross-Canada critics music poll.
I guess it shouldn't be surprising that four of the top seven albums are Canadian. Especially considering how nationalistic this poll seems to be every year.



I knew "Hung Up" probably would fare better, overall, on year-end lists than the album from which it came. Seriously, that album version of "Huing Up" is to DIE for. That whole breakdown/frenzied buildup leading to the last chorus is orgasmic. As is the beginning and the buildup.

Yet another round of acclaim for that M.I.A. album!

When will the Village Voice Pazz-N-Jopp be released? Anyone remember the timeframe last year? Was it early Feb. mid-Feb or late in the month? That probably is the most notable of all the year-end lists.