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Acclaimed songs by "album artists"

A lot of my favorite musicians are generally considered album acts; in most cases, they have several albums in this list, but no songs. I thought it would be interesting to find which songs would be chosen, if any, to represent some of recorded music's most diverse careers. So, I present to you all a survey: list either your favorite song or the song which you feel is the greatest accomplishment for the following artists:

Frank Zappa:
Brian Eno:
Iron Maiden:
Ella Fitzgerald:
King Crimson:
Sun Ra:
Ornette Coleman:
John Cale:
Judas Priest:
Elliott Smith:
Scott Walker:
Steve Earle:

Yeah, these are tough to choose from, but that's the point of the exercise. And feel free to add other artists with no acclaimed songs for us to mull over too.


Re: Acclaimed songs by "album artists"

Scott Walker : "Plastic palace people", "It's raining today"
Elliott Smith : "Let's get lost", "Betweens the bars", "Pretty (ugly before)", "oh well, okay" and so many others...

Re: Acclaimed songs by "album artists"

I love these artists!

A few quick picks:

Frank Zappa: What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body
Brian Eno: Golden Hours
Iron Maiden: Hallowed Be Thy Name
Ella Fitzgerald: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
King Crimson: The Sheltering Sky
Genesis: Dancin with the Moonlit Knight
Judas Priest: Victim of Changes
Scott Walker: The Seventh Seal

Re: Acclaimed songs by "album artists"

Frank Zappa: Inca Roads
Brian Eno: Warszawa (if collaborations count)
King Crimson: The Court Of The Crimson King
Genesis: Supper's Ready

Obviously not familiar enough with Scott Walker and Elliott Smith to pick favourites yet, although I do like what I've heard of their albums.

Re: Acclaimed songs by "album artists"

Ella Fitzgerald: The Man I Love (and many others)
King Crimson: Epitaph
Genesis: Firth Of Fifth
Elliott Smith:Pretty (Ugly Before)
Can: Mushrooms

Re: Acclaimed songs by "album artists"

John Cale: Fear is a Man's Best Friend
Steve Earle: Copperhead Road (or possibly John Walker's Blues) - I admit I haven't heard all of Earle's albums.