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Top 25 Beck Songs List

The Pure Pop list of the 25 best Beck songs doesn't appear with the other lists on their page, and I would really like to know what #1 is since it isn't one of his 5 songs listed in the AM database. Which is surprising, I thought for sure "Loser" or "Where It's At" would top the list, but they're 4th and 2nd, respectively. Does anyone know? The suspense is killing me.

Re: Top 25 Beck Songs List

Beck is brilliant! My favorite would have to be "Round the Bend" from Sea Change. It's achingly gorgeous!

Re: Top 25 Beck Songs List

The list is at the very end of the page. Number one is "Tropicalia".

Re: Top 25 Beck Songs List

Oops, you were right that the Pure Pop page (with the Beck lists in the end) wasn't uploaded. But now it is!

Re: Top 25 Beck Songs List

My Top 10 Beck songs (I have NOT heard the new album yet...)

10. Bottle of Blues
9. Hell Yes
8. E-Pro
7. Lost Cause
6. Truck Drivin' Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)
5. He's a Mighty Good Leader
4. Loser
3. Debra
2. New Pollution
1. Where It's At

Re: Top 25 Beck Songs List

Still digesting Modern Guilt myself. I had seven Beck songs in my top-350 from the songs poll:

1. Beercan (#19 all time)
2. Lonesome Tears (#35)
3. Hotwax (#53)
4. Loser (#62)
5. Diamond Bollocks (also known as the hidden track on Mutations) (#126)
6. Devil's Haircut (#149)
7. Guess I'm Doing Fine (#170)

I'd, off the top of my head, fill that out with:

8. Black Tambourine
9. Tropicalia
10. Hollywood Freaks

Re: Top 25 Beck Songs List

My favourites are "Beercan", "Sexx Laws" and "Mixed Business".
I know that many people dislike this album but "Midnite vultures" is an awesome kickass record, it's my favourite Beck album : very funky, very poppy. It's the best Prince album (Moonbeam won't agree me ).