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Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

No, it's rubbish.

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

M.I.A. is terrible.

Then What Is It...

that has critics singing its praises? Try to look beyond your personal dislike for it- what do you think is gettng it critical love? :)

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

I think it's because it's different to most other stuff. However, I find it pathetic to listen to. And also there are the references to terrorist organisations and activities in the lyrics. Her father was the leader of a division of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, and he is now "Missing In Action".

I suppose that may intregue some critics. To me it sounds like she's on crack. And she has a snobbish Sri Lankan/London accent which is rather repulsive.

She was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize this year but didnt win, and she took the huff because she thought her music was the only original stuff nominated. Stuck-up cow if you ask me.

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

I don't get it. What's the difference between the songs and singles lists? Which singles are the best, those on the songs list or those on the singles list?

Singles vs. songs

The only guess that I can wager is that there are some songs that seem to work better as singles than others, even if they aren't the best songs. For instance, "Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)" is my favorite Prince song, but it wouldn't be my favorite Prince single because I wouldn't find it suitable as a single. I hope that makes sense!

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

IMO, nothing sounded more fresh than Arular in 2005, but there were other albums that were better overall.

Is "You Are My Sister" a typical single?

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

Henrik, I think that the “singles” lists refers to a released CD-single (with 3-4 songs around a main song, the former “A-side”) while the songs in the “songs” list may not has been released as A-side single, being part in some cases of the “long-play” CD. I think you must count only the songs list, in my opinion.

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

I think Madonna still rulez. She is so sexy in her ner clip and everytime I watch it, I wanna fuck her.

Re: Rockdelux best of 2005

Sure, but would you want her to sing at the same time?