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Can Anyone who lives or has lived in mexico help?

Im a student in london Uk and Im conducting a music market survey on mexico as part of my degree. I have a few (5) simple questions to ask that will only take up a small part of a presentation i'm doing but i need it to come from a source that is currently living or has lived in mexico.

Well thanks for reading this far and if you could answer the following questions i'd be most grateful and would love to return the favour in any way i can.

here goes.....

1: Where do you usually buy your physical/digital music?

2: What is the average cost of a CD?

3: Who is your favourite record label and why?

4: Which radio station do you listen to?

5: How often do you attend live concerts and how much does it cost on average?

thankyou so much and if u dont mind i have one more favour to ask:

can you recommend someone who works in the backstage/business side of the mexican music industry on whom i can research to conduct a biography on? Even if its the equivalent of englands simon cowell (if you know who he is? if not your lucky!) that would be perfect.

Thankyou so much!!

:) :D :) :D :) :D

Re: Can Anyone who lives or has lived in mexico help?

I lived in Mexico as an exchange student for a semester in 2000, but I doubt I'd be a fair choice as nearly all of the music I bought in Mexico wasn't Mexican music.

Re: Can Anyone who lives or has lived in mexico help?

Moonbeam, if you wouldn't mind answering the questions you would be doing me a great favour. the fact that you didn't buy much mexican music is fine as i need to establish sales in both domestic and international repetoire. thanks in advance.