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Greatest Artists of The 90s

Here's My list for the Greatest 25 Artists of The 90s

1. Nirvana
2. U2
3. Dr. Dre
4. Radiohead
5. R.E.M.
6. Tribe Called Quest
7. 2pac
8. Beastie Boys
9. Pavement
10. Pixies
11. The Notorious B.I.G.
12. Public Enemy
13. Beck
14. Eminem
15. Sonic Youth
16. Nine Inch Nails
17. Pearl Jam
18. Lauryn Hill
19. Massive Attack
20. Red Hot Chili Peppers
21. Weezer
22. Smashing Pumpkins
23. Oasis
24. P.J. Harvey
25. Wu-Tang Clan

Re: Greatest Artists of The 90s

And here's mine

1. Pulp (for the sake of j.c.'s countless perfectly suiting narrations... imagine oscar wilde less self indulgent, imagine billy bragg less labour)
2. Wu-Tang syndicate (pastiched so many playa cliches metasociologically as
authentically possible, with odb as their brian jones)
3. Aphex Twin (r.d.j.'s obsession for patterned arbitrariness gets away with a wink yet conclusive awesomeness)
4. Flaming Lips (no matter, what HAL clone might've taken over, they challenged drug addictions to put desperate scientists into it in the end)
5. The KLF (often overseen smart-ass bastards peforming money making schedules and post-zappa anarchism at the same time)
6. El-P's Company Flow (intelligible reply to fullfill rap at his best - now THIS is potracing!)
7. Gastr Del Sol/Jim O'Rourke (efficiently making avant garde prog sound plausible - and audible)
8. Boredoms (trust me - they'll have their fanclubs back in 2306)
9. Tricky (discovered his yeast allergy much too soon, got well balanced since then while forgetting how to make disturbing basement anthems at once, but, well, if that made him feel better... ponderosa still pounds)
10. My Bloody Valentine (did they really never officially split? makes one single album in the 90's even more a coup... great soundtrack to drink absinthe to though)
11. Radiohead (yorke and fellows are self-righteous as a cronenberg movie... pretentious but subtly out of reach - and silently gory)
12. Pavement (who might've thought that dylanesque lyrics from the blonde on blonde era were no match for post-pixies americana)
13. Björk (narcissism and neuroticism AND well placed naivety always work when you were born in the outer rim)
14. Nicolette (silk drenched proto-trip hop goddess from scotland, nigeria embroidered by the shup up and dance production team and carelessly neglected when she should have earned the biggest gasps)
15. Super Furry Animals (slapped the monty's python blitz into brit pop much more confidently than blur and somewhat stablier than supergrass... and did their later citizen kane py putting mccartney and megadeth together before falling into the eternal abyss of post-hippie bacharachisms)
16. Missy Elliott/Timbaland (biggest achievement: turning ann peebles into one big spooky robo mutant while the world kept weeping facing a stale rehashed police chorus by watching puffy obviously unable to drive a motorbike)
17. Squarepusher (warp's second wunderkind made andre 3000 an enthuastic apprentice, evidently to be noticed in the pulsating beats of "b.o.b."... and jenkinson's weird soundscapes even suggested cunnigham to draft one of his weirdest video clips - how warp is this)
18. Ween (smarter than howard stern and much much quicker than parker/stone... is there any another thematical aids song around that doesn't sound like "all by myself"?)
19. Mercury Rev (whether it's a pity that david baker left the group or not, it's undebatedly fridmann who drove m.r. to an unexpected level even pink floyd
were anxious to explore, and donahue's crumbled but spheric singing is like extra-terrestrial morphine cooking on a starlit spoon)
20. Portishead (beth gibbons herself doesn't know what she's singing about...
she's just struggling with something that's called the meaning of life)
21. OutKast (seemingly they contributed their best skills in the 2000's, but just like mrs. parks they also weren't meant to take place in the back row in this decade... big up's to their "early" synth smash ATLiens)
22. Nirvana (well, Kurt did a hell of a jim morrison job, didn't he? and thanks to him henry rollins devotees reawakened that long forgotten beatles source then)
23. Moloko (just like devo or art of noise they did an amazing but short-term job, especially in 1998, when this sheffield (somehow my favourite british town btw ) duo transferred the trip hop hysteria to the cyber age with the dizzy "i am not a doctor" album. they ruined themselves shortly afterwards - whether due to more radio friendly productions or to irreparable disparities within the group)
24. Beck (the donovan of the 90's... an esoteric beatnik with lots of equipment that even enabled him to tour with bender)
25. Labradford (jason pierce secretly delivers a tribute to donne/brown/nelson every time he's performing "broken heart")

Re: Greatest Artists of The 90s

1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. The Breeders
3. PJ Harvey
4. Blur
5. Supergrass
6. Massive Attack
7. Teenage Fanclub
8. Pearl Jam
9. Gomez
10. Primal Scream

Re: Greatest Artists of The 90s

1. The Boo Radleys
2. Primal Scream
3. Pulp
4. The Olivia Tremor Control
5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre
6. The High Llamas
7. Belle & Sebastian
8. Radiohead
9. Mr. Bungle