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Henrik, I'm interested in what you think of metacritic stealing your fire. When they arrived (after you did, right?) I thought it was a similar premise, but obvious there's a difference between albums that are well-reviewed upon release and albums that endure. But this year they not only include a bunch of (US and UK only) critics lists, but they also are adding those bars next to artists to show how many lists they made, and what places they're in. Little by little, metacritic's expanding into the analysis territory you've claimed as your own. What do you think of this?

Re: metacritic

I have never claimed anything to be my analysis territory. I think what metacritic does is (still) quite different to what I'm doing. If anything, I'm worried that they will accuse me of stealing, since I use their metascore in my formula.

As long as my formula cannot be copied, my site is unique. (And I also find it hard to believe that anyone else would enter all these lists into their own database.)

Re: metacritic

Unless Metacritic are going to include reviews back to the 1900s, they will remain considerably different from what AM is about.