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Trax best albums and tracks of 2005

I’ve just bought the last number of Trax, an Spanish magazine devoted to electronica (well, I think there’s a French magazine named Trax too, am I wrong?). The #25 of January 2006 includes the best albums and tracks of 2005. That’s the first number I’ve bought of the magazine, so I don’t have any other list. But at the web page (www.dancepress.es/trax/index.php) I can see that there is a list of the best of 2003 (#4, January 2004) but it seems that there was no best of 2004 (apparently there was no issues in December 2004 and January 2005). The list of 2005 mixes international albums with some Spanish albums (numbers 7, 9 and 15).
1. M.I.A. “Arular”
2. ISOLÉE “We Are Monster”
3. KRAFTWERK “Minimum-Maximum”
4. DEPECHE MODE “Playing the Angel”
5. LAURENT GARNIER “The Cloud Making Machine”
6. LCD SONDSYSTEM “LCD Soundsystem”
7. ALEX UNDER “Dispositivos de mi granja”
8. VITALIC “OK Cowboy”
9. IÑAQUI MARÍN “Klinischtod”
10. RICHARD DAVIS “Details”
11. FERENC “Fraximal”
12. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS “Push the Button”
13. DJ KOZE “Kosi Comes Around”
14. LADYTRON “Witching Hour”
15. CYCLE “Weak on the Rocks”

And the best tracks were:
1. NATHAN FAKE “The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)”
3. EXTRAWELT “Soopertrack”
4. TOMAS ANDERSON “Washing Up”
5. ISOLÉE “Pillowtalk”
6. THE MFA “Disco 2 Break”
7. LCD SOUNSYSTEM “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”
8. JAUMËTIC “Lagrimal (Iñaqui Marín remix)”
9. MADONNA “Hung Up”
10. ARGY “Love Dose (Luciano Remix)”
11. DEPECHE MODE “Precious”
12. NATHAN FAKE “Dinamo (Dominik Eulberg Remix)”
13. GORILLAZ “Feel Good Inc.”
15. TRENTEMØLLER “Polar Shift”

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Re: Trax best albums and tracks of 2005

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