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Supergrass's new album

Anyone think it's been unfairly overlooked in the end of year lists? I think it's a great album.

Re: Supergrass's new album

Yeah, Road to Rouen is by far one of the best albums of the year. It's a departure from all of their earlier albums. Critics are slobbering ALL OVER the astonishingly overrated, but undeniably brilliant, Sufjan Stevens. Years from now those same critics will look back in awe that they have missed out on a fantastic album.

Re: Supergrass's new album

If there is one Supergrass album that is terribly overlooked in the critics list, then "Life On Other Planets" is the one. I like their last one too, but that one is their pinnacle IMO.

Re: Supergrass's new album

I can agree with that too, but Road to Rouen is much more ambitious...