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Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

Oh, I know you weren't implying anything. That was just tongue in cheek, I'm sure there are many farmers that like urban music, just as many town dwellers like country.

Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

JR, it's no more basic than, say, John Legend's album. Mariah actually mixes more styles of R&B on her album than he does, and his album is a critical fave.

Anyway, if you look at her topic sentence, she says it's the albums that burned her iPod this year. Good albums aren't just about innovation; they need a listenability factor as well. TEOM is fresh (why it's popular), well-made, and listenable; that's all you need for a good album. Madonna's new one is similar in that regard, but just a different style of music.

That's True...

Mimi definitely is a listenable album.

Maybe WBT will end up doing OK for 2005 acclaim. I said it before, it's nothing new for her, but it's done pretty much better than ever with that track.

I have to give John Legend another listen- I adore Orinary People, and that track stood out as the highlight for me when I first listened to it.