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Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

We don't like urban music because we're all farmers and live in the country. And we need no rappers or semi-naked divas to corrupt our children with their decadent videos and lifestyle. Music should stick to the roots and carry positive values. Soundscapes, noise, avantgarde elements and oblique lyrics, that's what us farmers like.

Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

I wasn't implying that anyone is a farmer. I was referring to the love for indie and alt/rock acts. On your own lists, I don't expect to see much other than that.


Mimi is a good album for Mariah, but the best of the year? It's too basic (IMO) to really stand out from many other albums. That's part of what's kept her from attaining much critical acclaim to begin with.

Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

I cant stand the MIA album, so the rest must be dire.

Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

Oh, I know you weren't implying anything. That was just tongue in cheek, I'm sure there are many farmers that like urban music, just as many town dwellers like country.

Re: AP Top 10 of 2005

JR, it's no more basic than, say, John Legend's album. Mariah actually mixes more styles of R&B on her album than he does, and his album is a critical fave.

Anyway, if you look at her topic sentence, she says it's the albums that burned her iPod this year. Good albums aren't just about innovation; they need a listenability factor as well. TEOM is fresh (why it's popular), well-made, and listenable; that's all you need for a good album. Madonna's new one is similar in that regard, but just a different style of music.

That's True...

Mimi definitely is a listenable album.

Maybe WBT will end up doing OK for 2005 acclaim. I said it before, it's nothing new for her, but it's done pretty much better than ever with that track.

I have to give John Legend another listen- I adore Orinary People, and that track stood out as the highlight for me when I first listened to it.