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Re: Back in Sweden

Welcome back, Henrik! It's good to hear you enjoyed your holiday so much. I have some jazz lists for you, which I will post shortly. Also please start updating the site with the old lists. Those EOY lists should wait for their turn.

Re: Back in Sweden

I'm glad you got home safely and enjoyed your time! Utah is awesome- easily my favorite place on Earth. I was lucky enough to study there for graduate school for a few years. I miss it!

Do you think Annie's Anniemal has a shot of cracking the top 2500?

Re: Back in Sweden

I don't know yet about Annie. You (and I) have to wait and see.

Re: Back in Sweden

"Anniemal" was in a number of 2004 lists too, at least here in Norway. But I guess they will be calculated into her total anyway.

Re: Back in Sweden

A Bacharach concert in Vegas... what a fantastically bitchin' cliche . I'm truly jealous of that. TRULY. And if there's been any De Niro or Dean Martin around to smash your right back of the hand... I wish it was mine. Yes, TRULY....
Welcome back to good old Europe, btw. And guess what - it's old as usual, whaddayaknow ... frohe weihnachten...