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Re: Rolling Stone's Greatest Artists

It's a "Rolling Stone" list, it's worthless by default.

Now Now...

surely you're not going to disagree with the impact and influence- whether with the music directly or via other medium attached to the music- that most of those acts enjoyed?

Madge usually fares decently in lists of this kind.

This list isn't new- the first 50 were announced early in the year (or in 2004, don't remember), and then the second 50 came thereafter.

Re: Rolling Stone's Greatest Artists

I must say, that ever since I laid sight on this list I have been gravely baffled by Pink Floyd's absence, and Madonna's presence in the top 50. Madonna couldn't compile something like Dark Side of the Moon if her life depended on it!

You're Right...

that's whay she crafted something like Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, etc. which are EXCELLENT recordings. She always fares well in these things, not just because of the music, but also the impact she's had on the medium, entertainment, the culture, etc. etc.

Re: Rolling Stone's Greatest Artists

Madonna should not be more praised for her music than should pink floyd be for their's.

Like Said...

it's not just about the music. Impact/influence in other areas- coupled with the music- often give some advantage over others.