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Re: New update comments

Hmm, I didn't know that.

Re: New update comments

I never blank "other genres" as I do with for example "other decades". Here are the reasons related to items 1-3 that I listed previously in this thread:

1. What is rock and what is jazz? There are several lists that include Bitches Brew but no other jazz. Should these lists be blanked?
2. Why should I blank only for jazz albums? What about a rock list without dance or heavy metal music?

This is difficult with genres, but easy with decades.

3. If magazines list only rock albums, they obviously are more interested in rock.
If there are more rock lists than jazz lists, I think it is correct that rock has got more acclaim. On the other hand, just because a magazine lists the best of the 90s doesn't mean that they only listen to 90s music.

Re: New update comments

Thanks for the explanation, I think I see your point.