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New update comments

First, great job Henrik. It must have taken an awful lot of work to implement the changes. However I feel disappointed with effects. I think they betray the purpose of this site, because the positions of most jazz classics on the main list don't reflect the acclaim they get. Surely "A Love Supreme" is more acclaimed than "Tapestry"? I think the only way to give the jazz albums their due given the preponderance of rock lists would be to blank all lists that don't have jazz albums on then. So even if the list says "greatest albums ever" without specifying what genres it covers, but doesn't have any jazz albums, then it should be assumed jazz was not considered and thus blanked for all jazz albums. That's just my opinion of course. But as I said great work. Now I will look even more impatiently for the next update. So many lists waiting to be added.

The Big Update is here...

...and it's great. Congratulations, Henrik. It's nice to see the expansion of the albums by year to 1950 (and the songs to 1910!!). I don't see the problem of including jazz and world styles like Jacek does. Maybe the measurement of the acclaim is more difficult but it makes the list more varied, more fair and more interesting.
Two questions:
- Henrik, have you used the recording date (as AllMusic does) or the release date? By example, I think that "A Love Supreme" was recorded in 1964 but released in 1965.
- I've hoped that some Spanish album or song had surfaced. Maybe "La leyenda del tiempo", the magnum opus of Camarón and one of the best flamenco albums of all time. I've got some lists of Spanish albums. Would you use some of these lists if I send it to you?

Re: New update comments

I'm glad you liked the update! I'd love to receive some Spanish lists. The more I get, the higher chance for a Spanish album to be included.

Thanks for your thoughts. I have thought about it, but there are reasons why I have not blanked rock lists for jazz albums.
1. What is rock and what is jazz? There are several lists that include Bitches Brew but no other jazz. Should these lists be blanked?
2. Why should I blank only for jazz albums? What about a rock list without dance or heavy metal music?
3. If magazines list only rock albums, they obviously are more interested in rock. I think there are still a lot of lists from jazz magazines to be included. And even more so for world music. Let's find these lists!

Re: New update comments

There are not so many jazz albums in the top, but Miles Davis has 27 albums listed, more than any rock artist! What do you say about that?

Re: New update comments

This is all very exciting. I am absolutely thrilled to see the arrival of this highly anticipated update. Thanks once again for all your hard work, Henrik, you are a true titan. As to what you and Jacek are currently discussing, I can say that I am also disappointed to see certain albums and songs not placing as high as they perhaps should; however, I wholeheartedly agree that the way to rectify this situation is to include more jazz and world lists as they are found, since as you've noted any attempt at blanking lists for genres they haven't deemed to include could become a very messy affair indeed. Rest assured that any appropriate lists I come across will be sent your way immediately.

That said, there are far more new entries than I had expected, and I couldn't be more pleased. I was at first unsure of how much impact could be provided on the overall lists by the relatively fewer critical offerings, but once again through your statistical genius you have provided us with results that are not only immediately satisfying, but are sure to grow in satisfaction over time, as more such lists are found.

Two thousand five hundred kudos to you. You really are one of the internet's greatest treasures.


Looking It Over...

Interesting to see some songs place so high with just 2-3 citations.

So much to look over! Great work, Henrik.

Re: New update comments

Well, I'd say this was more than worth the wait ... Henrik, you continue to outdo yourself. Great work.


Great update! I like seeing jazz mixed in with the rock giants, and I also love the expansion to 2500 albums and songs each! Many of my favorites are in the 2000-2500 range.

Let me know if you need help with the next update. I don't know what I could do- perhaps put things in Excel format.

Re: New update comments

Astonishing work, Henrik. It's absolutely fascinating to see where all the other genres are now placing!

I'm going to have to try to dig up some World Music lists that I ran into years back for you...

Re: New update comments

This is the best update i have ever see in here Henrik, really impresive, but there are non a single album or song in spanish!!! thats not a good sign give me a moment I think "Cafe tacuba" have enougth to make the list

Re: New update comments

Sorry i just found Cafe Tacuba alredy in 1999 and maybe there are some more albums in spanish (outside Buena Vista Social Club) great job Henrik

Re: New update comments

Thank you so much for all these nice words!

Cafe Tacuba's "Reves/Yosoy" is in the 1999 album list. I had missed to include Mexico in the list of countries. In fact I had forgotten all countries with only albums or songs in the 2001-2500 interval. The list has now been updated and includes Austria, Iran, Mexico, Puerto Rico and South Africa.

Re: New update comments

Returning to the previous discussion regarding jazz one of the problems is jazz lists always have "jazz" in their name, while rock lists are just greatest albums list. If the makers of jazz lists resorted to the same practice things would be different, cause then rock albums would suffer from not being on them.

Re: New update comments

Jacek, that is wrong. Rock albums do suffer from not being in jazz lists.

Re: New update comments

Hmm, I didn't know that.

Re: New update comments

I never blank "other genres" as I do with for example "other decades". Here are the reasons related to items 1-3 that I listed previously in this thread:

1. What is rock and what is jazz? There are several lists that include Bitches Brew but no other jazz. Should these lists be blanked?
2. Why should I blank only for jazz albums? What about a rock list without dance or heavy metal music?

This is difficult with genres, but easy with decades.

3. If magazines list only rock albums, they obviously are more interested in rock.
If there are more rock lists than jazz lists, I think it is correct that rock has got more acclaim. On the other hand, just because a magazine lists the best of the 90s doesn't mean that they only listen to 90s music.

Re: New update comments

Thanks for the explanation, I think I see your point.