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Greil Marcus' STRANDED: List of contributors and their albums

For completeness' sake, here's a list of the contributors to Greil Marcus' 1979 desert-island-albums anthology STRANDED and the albums they chose to write about:

Nick Tosches: No album listed; he chooses Sticky Fingers for his desert island, but in typical Tosches style he barely touches on it
M. Mark: “It’s Too Late to Stop Now”
Simon Frith: Beggars Banquet
Jim Miller: Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica
Ariel Swartley: The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
Langdon Winner: Trout Mask Replica
Ellen Willis: Velvet Underground (a 1970 MGM anthology, not the 1969 album)
Grace Lichtenstein: Desperado
Joe McEwen: Little Willie John (1977 anthology)
Janet Maslin: Something Else by the Kinks
Tom Carson: Rocket to Russia
Paul Nelson: The Pretender
Robert Christgau: New York Dolls (1977 compilation of both albums)
Jay Cocks: Huey “Piano” Smith’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival! (1972 anthology)
Tom Smucker: Precious Lord: New Recordings of the Great Gospel Songs of Thomas A. Dorsey (1973)
Kit Rachlis: Neil Young, Decade
Lester Bangs: Astral Weeks
John Rockwell: Linda Ronstadt, Living in the U.S.A.
Dave Marsh: Onan’s Greatest Hits [a nonexistent album -- a mix tape of songs about, um, a favored solo desert-island activity; it's probably the funniest essay in the book]
Ed Ward: The “5” Royales, Dedicated to You

Re: Greil Marcus' STRANDED: List of contributors and their albums

Thousand thanks Harold!

Harold sent me these lists a long time ago, but instead of posting them here myself, I was lazy and asked him to do the job again...


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Re: Greil Marcus' STRANDED: List of contributors and their albums

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Re: Greil Marcus' STRANDED: List of contributors and their albums

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Re: Greil Marcus' STRANDED: List of contributors and their albums

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