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My Annie Experience!

I saw Norwegian DJ/artist Annie in Philadelphia on Saturday and it proved to be one of the most meaningful musical experiences of my life!

For those interested, I've chronicled my experiences at http://www.prince.org/msg/8/161732 (I know, I know, a Prince website!)

Re: My Annie Experience!

I love her! I hope se becomes as big in the States as she is overseas. Watch out Britney!!!!!!!

Re: My Annie Experience!

She deserves all of the success she gets and more!

Re: My Annie Experience!

I've liked a lot your message in the Prince forum, Moonbeam. Like another poster said: "Thanks for sharing your feelings". I must admit I've never heard Annie, but "Anniemal" will be the next album to purchase.


I hope you get as much out of the album as I do. Music is a great passion of mine and I can attest that it is rare that it has connected with me on such a personal level.