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Ent. Weekly's 20 Must-Have Fall Albums

I've included the text for Esther's album.

1. Outkast, Not Yet Titled (12/6)
2. Neil Diamond, 12 Songs (11/8)
3. Kate Bush, Aerial (11/8)
4. Pharrell, In MyMind (11/15)

*5. Madonna, Confessions on a Dance Floor* (11/15)
Why is someone whose last album contained an embarrassing rap about a roomful of Pilates hotties on this list? Easy: We know better than to underestimate Madonna's ability to craft dazzling pop. Her latest album trades folktronica for high-octane, hook-savvy dance music, as evidenced by the ABBA-sampling first single, "Hung Up," a throbbing blend of Giorgio Moroder, New Order, and fun-loving Ciccone youth.

6. Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have Said it So Much Better... (10/4)
7. Ghostface, Fish Scale (12/6)
8. My Morning Jacket, Z (10/4)
9. Fugees, Not Yet Titled (12/27)
10. Depeche Mode, Playing the Angel (10/18)
11. Shakira, Oral FIxation, Vol. 2 (11/29)
12. System of a Down, Hypnotize (11/22)
13. The Mavic Numbers, The Magic Numbers (10/4)
14. Animal Collective, Feels (10/18)
15. Liz Phair, Somebdy's Miracle (10/4)
16. Ashlee Simpson, I Am Me (10/18)
17. DangerDoom, The Mouse and the Mask (10/11)
18. Alicia Keys, Unplugged (10/11)
19. Fatlip, TheLoneliest Punk (11/1)
20. Joggers, Witha Cape and a Cane (10/4)

Re: Ent. Weekly's 20 Must-Have Fall Albums

Oh Yes ! So many good albums this year !
Confessions ON A Dancefloor will be great!!

Re: Ent. Weekly's 20 Must-Have Fall Albums

The Magic Numbers album is already released, in June if I remember. Another expected album that do not figure in the list is the one by Broken Social Scene.

I Gather The Magic Numbers...

haven't yet been released in the USA- hence the 10/4 release date. ;)