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San Antonio News-Express: Rock 'N' Roll Timeline

Similar to past things I've posted, in terms of important/defining tracks (I've edited out the commentary for the tracks, as well as the No. 1 song of the year, as that's obviously based on the Billboard charts)
San Antonio Express-News

Rock 'n' roll timeline: From Elvis to Evanescence
Web Posted: 07/05/2004 07:29 PM CDT

This is the history of rock 'n' roll as jukebox, two sides a year.

On the A: A great song, or a big hit, that evokes the sound, spirit or sense of the year in music.

On the flip side: The year's best-selling pop song, according to Billboard.

We're defining rock 'n' roll broadly, as any music that grew from the tangled roots of R&B, blues and hillbilly music or, less fancifully, what the kids are listening to. So rap, even a bit of disco, are in, but not pre-rock pop styles or straight country.

Obviously this method, while tracing an impressionistic history of rock 'n' roll, must leave out a great deal. Chuck Berry, one of the music's founding fathers, was edged out by the Coasters in 1958, for instance. If you just can't stand the fact that we've left out a crucial song, e-mail the title, along with the year and the reason why, to the address at the end of the time line.

1954: 'That's All Right,' Elvis Presley
1955: 'Rock Around the Clock,' Bill Haley & His Comets
1956: 'Hound Dog,' Elvis Presley
1957: 'That'll Be the Day,' the Crickets
1958: 'Yakety Yak,' the Coasters
1959: 'Kansas City,' Wilbert Harrison
1960: 'Cathy's Clown,' the Everly Brothers
1961: 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow,' the Shirelles
1962: 'Telstar,' the Tornadoes
1963: 'Louie Louie,' the Kingsmen
1964: 'I Want to Hold Your Hand,' the Beatles
1965: 'Like a Rolling Stone,' Bob Dylan
1966: '96 Tears,' ? & the Mysterians
1967: 'Manic Depression,' the Jimi Hendrix Experience
1968: 'Jumpin' Jack Flash,' the Rolling Stones
1969: 'Whole Lotta Love,' Led Zeppelin
1970: 'All Right Now,' Free
1971: 'Won't Get Fooled Again,' the Who
1972: 'Bang a Gong (Get It On),' T-Rex
1973: 'Reelin' in the Years,' Steely Dan
1974: 'I Shot the Sheriff,' Eric Clapton
1975: 'Born to Run,' Bruce Springsteen
1976: 'Blitzkrieg Bop,' the Ramones
1977: 'Hotel California,' the Eagles
1978: 'Stayin' Alive,' the Bee Gees
1979: 'Rapper's Delight,' Sugarhill Gang
1980: 'Starting Over,' John Lennon
1981: 'The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel,' Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
1982: '1999,' Prince
1983: 'Billie Jean,' Michael Jackson
1984: 'Born in the USA,' Bruce Springsteen
1985: 'We Are the World,' USA for Africa
1986: 'Walk This Way,' Run-DMC
1987: 'Bring the Noise,' Public Enemy
1988: 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' Guns N' Roses
1989: 'Like a Prayer,' Madonna
1990: 'Nothing Compares 2 U,' Sinead O'Connor
1991: 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' Nirvana
1992: 'One,' U2
1993: 'Nothin' But a 'G' Thang,' Dr. Dre
1994: 'All I Wanna Do,' Sheryl Crow
1995: 'Hold My Hand,' Hootie and the Blowfish
1996: 'You Oughta Know,' Alanis Morrisette
1997: 'The Freshmen,' the Verve Pipe
1998: 'Sex and Candy,' Marcy Playground
1999: 'Smooth,' Santana with Rob Thomas
2000: 'Stan,' Eminem
2001: 'Get the Party Started,' Pink
2002: 'In the End,' Linkin Park
2003: 'Bring Me to Life,' Evanescence
Compiled by staff writers Jim Beal Jr. (1954-'63), Hector Saldaña ('64-'73), Robert Johnson ('74-'83), Jim Kiest ('84-'93) and Ramiro Burr ('94-2003)