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World Music Albums

Aside from Buena Vista Social Club, what other 'World Music' albums are regarded as classics? I ask because my World music collection is somewhat scarce (I have albums by Guitar Wolf, Yat-Kha, Cafe Tacuba and the aforementioned BVSC and that's more or less it) and I would like to have some recommendations.

I'm anxiously awaiting the world/jazz update here at AM, which will definitely help a lot, but until then, I was wondering if anyone could give me some counsel. So, has anyone seen any 'World Music' albums (other than BVSC) that could make a dent in the AM rankings? Any personal favorites that should have more exposure? Know of any bands of a similar style to ones that I mentioned (I'm especailly fond of Guitar Wolf's Jet Generation)? Any and all help is appreciated.

Re: World Music Albums

Unfortunately there aren't too many world lists that I am aware of, but this list might help you, Jeff.

Some of the albums on this list will make the Acclaimed Music list, definitely these:
Salif Keita - Soro (1987)
Buena vista social club - Buena vista social club (1997)
King Sunny Ade - Juju music (1982)
Le Mystére des voix Bulgares - Le Mystére des voix Bulgares (1986)

And these will also be included or at least be bubbling under:
Khaled - Khaled (1992)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Musst musst (1990)
Ali Farka Touré & Ry Cooder - Talking Timbuktu (1994)
Nitin Sawhney - Beyond skin (1999)

Other acclaimed world albums include:
Youssou N'Dour - Immigres (1984)
Fela Kuti - Black President (1981)
Caetano Veloso - Caetano Veloso (1968)
Cafe Tacuba - Reves/Yosoy (1999)

You probably wouldn't go wrong with any of these records.

If anyone knows about other world music critics lists, I'd be very grateful if you posted them here in the forum (a link would be fine). This genre needs a great push!

Re: World Music Albums

World Music Charts Europe (Once a month radio-Worldmusic-specialists from twenty European countries select their individual top ten favourites out of current Worldmusic releases) - see http://www.wmce.de/