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pointless thread

Im making a new band and i been thinking a lot about the name, someone tell me why not "Britpop", anybody here am thinks that is stupid for a Mexican band?, well that is kind of what we play and sound cool like a band name.

OK anyway, if someone here have Emule and like to here a Mexican Britpop band i recommend Zurdok - Hombre Sintetizador, is really a good album sound like the Beach Boys, Beatles, David Bowie and Oasis in a blender singing in Spanish.

About the song list i dont think it could be as fun as that great album list congratulations to everyone here in am for that great taste in music

And finally "Solitary Pleasures: The Turn of the Defence Attorney" sounde really good to me i will star to work in that, Gorillaz-Demon days is a great album and the must new aperance in that thread (2005)

sorry about my english

Re: pointless thread

Mmm, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to name the band as the style that you play. There's some examples (Metallica comes to my mind...), but I've seen more often bands that use the name of an album or a song as a tribute (Scott 4, Starsailor or Spanish bands like Karma Police or El diablo en el ojo).
Possible "brit-pop" names: Morning Glory, Wonderwall, Supersonic, Parklife, Song 2, Beetlebum, Different Class, Common People, Drugs Don't Work, Creep, The Bends, ... Mmm, maybe "Common People" isn't that bad. And nobody will know that is a tribute name if you don't explain it. But maybe there's a band with that name already.
Good luck with your band anyway.