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Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

I've never knew of the existence of this list from Rockdelux (the older after “the best of 1986”) until Staples sended to me. It was published in RDL 32 in July 1987 under the name “los 100 mejores LPs de los 80” (the 100 best LPs of the 80) and it’s a list of the best albums of the 80s till then (so, the best albums from 1980 to 1986). They really listed 113 albums cause there are many ties.
Logically the list is quite similar to the best albums of the 80 published 3 years later in 1990, but curiously “Purple Rain” is absent from this list while at the end of the decade they put it at #5. But don’t worry, Moonbeam, “1999” is at #5.
Thank you very much again, Staples!

1. JOY DIVISION “Closer” (1980)
2. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN “The River” (1980).
3. TALKING HEADS “Remain in Light” (1980).
4. DAVID BOWIE “Scary Monsters” (1980).
5. PRINCE “1999” (1982).
6. TOM WAITS “Swordfishtrombones” (1983).
7. MILES DAVIS “Decoy” (1984).
8. MARVIN GAYE “Midnight Love” (1982).
9. R.E.M. “Murmur” (1983).
10. BOBBY WOMACK “The Poet II” (1984).
11. LAURIE ANDERSON “Big Science” (1982).
13. SAM COOKE “Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963” (1985).
14. PREFAB SPROUT “Steve McQueen” (1985).
15. THE THE “Soul Mining” (1983).
16. THE SMITHS “The Queen Is Dead” (1986).
17. KRAFTWERK “Computer World” (1981).
(tie) THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN “Psychocandy” (1985).
18. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY “Prayers on Fire” (1981).
19. PETER HAMMILL “The Love Songs” (1984).
20. THE PRETENDERS “The Pretenders” (1980).
21. CHRIS ISAAK “Silvertone” (1985).
22. YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS “Colossal Youth” (1980).
23. THE SPECIAL AKA “In the Studio” (1984).
24. SONIC YOUTH “EVOL” (1986).
25. THE CRAMPS “Psychedelic Jungle” (1981).
26. PETER GABRIEL “III” (1980).
27. PHILIP GLASS “Glassworks” (1982).
28. RUBÉN BLADES Y SEIS DEL SOLAR “Buscando América” (1984).
29. THE TEARDROP EXPLODES “Kilimajaro” (1980).
30. THE STRANGLERS “Feline” (1983).
31. MADNESS “Mad Not Mad” (1985).
32. ROBERT WYATT “Work in Progress” (1984).
33. P.I.L. “The Flowers of Romance” (1981).
34. HÜSKER DÜ “Candy Apple Grey” (1986).
35. PAUL SIMON “Graceland” (1986).
36. GREGORY ISAACS “Night Nurse” (1982).
37. NEW ORDER “Power, Corruption and Lies” (1983).
38. JOHN FOGERTY “Centerfield” (1985).
39. MAGAZINE “The Correct Use of Soap” (1980).
40. THE CLASH “Sandinista!” (1980).
41. WEEKEND “La Varieté” (1982).
42. CABARET VOLTAIRE “The Voice of America” (1980).
43. MARTIN STEPHENSON & THE DAINTEES “Boat to Bolivia” (1986).
44. MICHAEL JACKSON “Thriller” (1982).
45. SUICIDE “Alan Vega-Martin Rev” (1980).
46. NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS “From Her to Eternity” (1984).
47. TOM VERLAINE “Dreamtime” (1981).
48. SWANS “Greed” (1986).
(tie) VIOLENT FEMMES “Violent Femmes” (1983).
49. DAVID SYLVIAN “Brilliant Trees” (1984).
50. DEFUNKT “Thermonuclear Sweat” (1982).
51. JAMES BROWN “Soul Syndrome” (1980).
52. U2 “War” (1983).
53. RAMONES “Pleasant Dreams” (1981).
54. JOHN CALE “Music For a New Society” (1982).
55. THE LOUNGE LIZARDS “The Lounge Lizards” (1981).
56. SOFT CELL “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret” (1981).
57. LOU REED “The Blue Mask” (1982).
58. RY COODER “Paris, Texas” (1984).
59. THE FEELIES “Crazy Rhythms” (1980).
(tie) SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES “Kaleidoscope” (1980).
60. JOHNNY THUNDERS “Hurt Me” (1984).
61. RUN DMC “Raising Hell” (1986).
62. DEAD KENNEDYS “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” (1980).
63. THE CURE “Seventeen Seconds” (1980).
64. JULIAN COPE “Fried” (1984).
65. BLACK UHURU “Sinsemilla” (1980).
66. LESTER BOWIE “The Great Pretender” (1981).
67. THE HUMAN LEAGUE “Dare!” (1981).
(tie) DIANA ROSS “Diana” (1980).
68. THE WOODENTOPS “Giant” (1986).
69. KING SUNNY ADÉ “Ju Ju Music” (1982).
70. THE TRIFFIDS “Born Sandy Devotional” (1986).
71. KING CRIMSON “Discipline” (1981).
72. THE B-52’S “Wild Planet” (1980).
73. WOMACK & WOMACK “Love Wars” (1983).
(tie) THE GO-BETWEENS “Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express” (1986).
74. THE ROBERT CRAY BAND “Bad Influence” (1983).
75. ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN “Crocodiles” (1980).
76. DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS “Too-Rye-Ay” (1982).
77. JOE JACKSON “Big World” (1986).
(tie) CARMEL “Drum Is Everything” (1984).
78. HERBIE HANCOCK “Round Midnight” (1986).
79. BRIAN ENO-DAVID BYRNE “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” (1981).
80. THE POGUES “Rum, Sodomy & the Lash” (1985).
(tie) COCTEAU TWINS “Head Over Heels” (1983).
81. LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS “Rattlesnakes” (1984).
(tie) BILLY BRAGG “Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy” (1983).
82. UB 40 “Signing Off” (1980).
83. LOS LOBOS “…And a Time to Dance” (1983).
84. DAVID THOMAS & THE PEDESTRIANS “More Places Forever” (1985).
85. XTC “Skylarking” (1986).
86. PSYCHIC TV “Force the Hand of Chance” (1982).
87. STRAY CATS “Stray Cats” (1981).
(tie) GRACE JONES “Nightclubbing” (1981).
88. STIFF LITTLE FINGERS “Hanx!” (1980).
(tie) JOHNNY COPELAND “Copeland Special” (1981).
89. THE JAM “Sound Affects” (1980).
90. EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL “Eden” (1984).
91. THE SPECIALS “More Specials” (1980).
93. MOTÖRHEAD “No Sleep ’Til Hammersmith” (1981).
(tie) THE RESIDENTS “Commercial Album” (1980).
94. RICKIE LEE JONES “Pirates” (1981).
95. YOUSSOU N’DOUR “Nelson Mandela” (1986).
96. JIM CARROLL “Catholic Boy” (1980).
(tie) FRANK SINATRA “L.A. Is My Lady” (1984).
97. THIS MORTAL COIL “It’ll End in Tears” (1984).
98. THE FALL “The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall” (1984).
99. ALBERT COLLINS “Don’t Loose Your Cool” (1983).
100. DWIGHT YOAKAM “Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.” (1986).
(tie) SQUEEZE “East Side Story” (1981).

Re: Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

Oh hell to the yes! 1999[/i] IS Prince's best album, bar none!

I'm also thrilled to see Scary Monsters[/i] do well, in addition to Computer World[/i], Power Corruption & Lies[/i] (yes it IS better than Low-Life[/i] and Brotherhood![/i]), Seventeen Seconds[/i] (Take THAT- Head on a Door[/i]!) and Nightclubbing[/i].

Re: Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

Moonbeam, in html you use triangular brackets < >, not square ones [ ]. That is unless you wanted to put all those faces in there.

Re: Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

Moonbeam, I guess you have spent some time at RYM, where actually square brackets are to be used. Weird.

Re: Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

Oops! We need an edit feature!

It Is Odd...

that Purple Rain isn't included. RDL has some discrepancies at times with its lists- and what some would see as odditiees (i.e. ranking Lauryn Hill so low on the 90s list). But, makes it interesting!

Purple Rain

I think it was excluded because it appears that they only list one album per artist. They got the right one. :D

Re: Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

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Re: Rockdelux 100 Best Albums of 1980-1986

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