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The Best Pop Song Ever...and why

This is my first post on Acclaimed Music, I've long been an admirer of this sites "concept" and thought it was finally time for me to start a thread.

I wanted my first post to be bold and I guess you can't get more bold than this subject. Of course this sort of thing is VERY subjective and sometimes it has to do with simple things: the music you've been exposed to, what your listening to this week, etc.

I always get annoyed by polls and lists yet I'm strangely attracted to the idea of calling a song "The Best Pop Song Ever" or "The Most Perfect Pop Song Ever". Another thing that annoys me is when a list is called "The Best (Fill in the Blank) ever made". As opposed to what, (Fill in the Blank) that have never been made?

I wanted to set some boundaries before posting this..and their pretty loose boundaries. To me, the 'Best Pop Song Ever' could be from as far back to the earliest days of popular music (or even further back)..(think Paul Whiteman, Gene Austin era), right on through this week.

So, what's the Best Pop Song Ever and why?

Re: The Best Pop Song Ever...and why


Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache! Dexy´s Midnight Runners version. Gut feeling.