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A question regarding Neil Young's artist rank

I see that Nico, god bless her soul, has the "The Velvet Underground & Nico" and two songs from the album counted towards her artist rank. I'm not going to argue against that, but since the album, "femme fatale", and "All Tomorrow's Parties" get counted twice, should the same not apply to Neil Young?

Semantics aside, "Ohio" and "Helpless" are Neil's songs and his contribution to "Deja Vu" is equal to that of Nico. Shouldn't they be counted towards his artist rank?

I only ask this because it would please my heart to see the master climb above his disciples in the artist rank list (U2, Radiohead & Nirvana.)


Re: A question regarding Neil Young's artist rank

Hi Vignir,

There is a difference here, in that "Young" is already counted in Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young), although he was not a steady member, hence the brackets.