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Machina best albums of the year lists

"Machina" was a Polish film and music magazine that was coming out in the late nineties. It's defunct now but there are rumours it will be reactived. Here's the list for 1996, I may be able to get lists for other years later.

1. Tricky "Nearly God"
2. R.E.M. "New Adventures In Hi-Fi"
3. Kula Shaker "K"
4. Nirvana "From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah"
5. Los Lobos "Colossal Head"
6. Porno for Pyros "Good Gods Urge"
7. Beck "Odelay"
8. Deus "In a Bar, Under the Sea"
9. Stereolab "Emperor Tomato Ketchup"
10. Frank Zappa "Lather"
11. Pearl Jam "No Code"
12. Suede "Coming Up"
13. Patti Smith "Gone Again"
14. The John Spencer Blues Explosion "now I Got Worry"
15. Combustible Edison "Schizophonic"
16. Tricky "Pre-Millenium Tension"
17. Screaming Trees "Dust"
18. Prince "Emancipation"
19. Metalheadz "Platinum Breakz"
20 Tortoise "Millions Now Living Will Never Die"