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Teraz Rock top 50 albums of the new millenium

The real title of this list is "50 times rock of the new century", but it's so stupid I didn't dare put it in the headline. It was published in March 2005.
In an introduction the makers wrote their goal was to pick the most inspiring and fresh sounding albums from the last 5 years. It's predictably awful and the first person to tell me Tool and Limp Bizkit are more fresh and inspiring than Radiohead and Sigur Ros will be punched in the nose.

1. The White Stripes "Elephant"
2. At the Drive-In "Relationship of Command"
3. System of a Down "Toxicity"
4. The Strokes "Is This It?"
5. Tool "Lateralus"
6. Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand"
7. Interpol "Turn on the Bright Lights"
8. Queens of the Stone Age "R"
9. The Vines "Highly Evolved"
10. Mars Volta "De-Loused in the Comatorium"
11. Green Day "American Idiot"
12. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "B.R.M.C."
13. Placebo "Sleeping with Ghosts"
14. Slipknot "Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)"
15. The Killers "Hot Fuss"
16. The Rapture "Echoes"
17. Jane's Addiction "Strays"
18. The Libertines "Up the Bracket"
19. Deftones "White Pony"
20. Blur "Think Tank"
21. Hot Hot Heat "Make Up the Breakdown"
22. Incubus "Morning View"
23. Coldplay "Parachutes"
24. ...And You Will Know by the Trail of Dead "Source Tags and Codes"
25. Rammstein "Mutter"
26. Razorlight "Up All Night"
27. The Datsuns "The Datsuns"
28. Orgy "Vapor Transmission"
29. The Used "The Used"
30. The Hives "Veni Vidi Vicious"
31. The Mooney Suzuki "Alive and Amplified"
32. The Dillinger Escape Plan "Miss Machine"
33. Muse "Origin of Symmetry"
34. The Darkness "Permission to Land"
35. The Cooper Temple Clause "See This Through and Leave"
36. A Perfect Circle "Mer de Noms"
37. Kasabian "Kasabian"
38. Sigur Ros "Agaetis Byrjun"
39. The Von Bondies "Pawn Shoppe Heart"
40. Audioslave "Audioslavre"
41. Spiritualized "Let It Come"
42. The Music "The Music"
43. Tortoise "Standards"
44. Mogwai "Happy Songs for Happy People"
45. Anyone "Anyone"
46. Archive "You All Look the Same to Me"
47. Mum "Finally We Are No One"
48. Limp Bizkit "Chocolate Starfish and the Dop Flavoured Water"
49. The Notwist "Neon Golden"
50. Kings of Leon "A-Ha Shake Heartbreak"

Re: Teraz Rock top 50 albums of the new millenium

A totally horrible list. Shame it came from Poland's biggest music magazine.

Re: Teraz Rock top 50 albums of the new millenium

Thanks Jacek!
(Although I agree the list could be much better)

Life was much easier for me when the forum poll kept you busy...

Re: Teraz Rock top 50 albums of the new millenium

what the hell are you saying?? limp bizkit really sucks, but Tool is an amazing band you can´t even compare it, Maynard´s voice is truly amazing and they´re one of the most amazing live bands

Re: Teraz Rock top 50 albums of the new millenium

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