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Coming updates

My plans for the rest of the year is this:

A small update probably in early September, mainly updating the 2005 albums list. However, a new little feature will also be introduced.

The jazz/world update will likely take place in November, before the end-of-year lists are coming in.

Sounds exciting!

And this new little feature will be...?

The suspense will kill us, Henrik!

Re: Coming updates

Henrik, have you already decided if you make a separate list for jazz or integrate it into the main AM list?

Re: Coming updates

If the results don't come out too odd (whatever this means) I will go for an integrated list, as it is difficult to draw the line between pop and jazz. For example, would Frank Sinatra be pop and Ella Fitzgerald jazz?

There could of course be some kind of best-of-genre lists as well. That will be something to think about next year...

Re: Coming updates

I most definitely would like to see it integrated! The Sinatra/Ella example is a perfect illustration of the randomness of making genre designations -- it's all "popular" music at the end of the day, anyway.

Plus, I can't wait to see Ornette Coleman and the Ramones rubbing shoulders. More fun, more comprehensive, all good.

Re: Coming updates

Well, it didn't take until September for me to update the site again. And I managed to add a few all-time lists as well. I hope you like it!


I like the division between all-time/decade lists, and end-of-year lists. Very nice work, Henrik!

Re: Coming updates

Great work, Henrik. Genre-specific sub-lists like the ones in Colin Larkin's "All time top 1000 albums" (at least they're in the not-quite-new edition I have) are a fun supplement, but it's certainly worthwhile to primarily have all genres integrated. There sure are some fine jazz albums I would never have come across, if they hadn't been sitting in there between Stones and Beatles :-)

Re: Coming updates

Like Snusmumrik said, great work Henrik. This makes me wait all the more impatiently for the world/jazz update. Do you think any jazz records have a chance of making the top 10? Or maybe even overtaking Pet Sounds at number 1?

Great work!

I'm very impressed with the classification of list inclusions!

Re: Coming updates

Could we perhaps hope for an update of the 2004 album list as well? :-)
If I understood you right at the end of last year, it is not SO much work to do a partial update like the one's you "published" here in the forum. I am very interested to see how last years list evolves, there tends to be quite a few changes in that one.

Re: Coming updates


I published "quick updates" of the 2004 albums in the forum around Christmas, because it takes me a long time to update the whole site. So far, this site is run without database solutions (ASP, PHP) so I need to produce and upload every page for every site update.

However, a quick update is only easy given that some new lists have been added. I included all "best of the new millennium" lists in an update a couple of months ago, but with the huge number of best-of-2004 lists in the database, these end-of-year lists have been given a low weight. Therefore, adding the end of 2004 lists would not make a major change and is therefore of low priority to me, although I promise to add them eventually.

I hope this is OK with you.

Re: Coming updates


I haven't added the jazz albums to the "production database" yet, so I haven't seen any results.

I am however sure that at least a couple of jazz albums will make it into the top 100, although none of them will threat Pet Sounds by any means.

Do you want me to post any preliminary lists here in the forum? I think it would be more fun to keep things secret until the site update, but maybe that would be too hard for you?