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EW list

hey guys. i lurk here but haven't posted. anyway, this list is probably too specific for the site, but i thought it would be interesting to post/discuss. in their latest issue ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY listed what they (the 5 writers who did this) consider the best album tracks of the year (i.e should have been singles):
Mariah Carey - "Stay The Night"
Gorillaz - "Dirty Harry"
Trey Songz - "Comin' For You"
Missy Elliott - "Can't Stop"
The All-American Rejects - "Move Along"
Miranda Lambert - "Kerosene"
A Band Of Bees - "Horsemen"
Feist - "Inside And Out"
Rinocerose - "Bitch"
Annie - "Me Plus One"
Foo Fighters - "In Your Honor"
The White Stripes - "My Doorbell"
Common - "Faithful"
Beanie Sigel - "Purple Rain"
Spoon - "I Summon You"

Re: EW list

Thanks Scott. This would have been included if it had been an end of year list.

Re: EW list

I love "Stay The Night" and "Kerosene." Missy's song is Ok, but "Click Clack" is better.

Isn't "My Doorbell" a single?