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Anyone remember?

in teh 90s a R&B group that was rising and becoming a big name (and also know as the bad boys)....Jodeci??

My music genre favs have changed with time, but i always have a weakness for the old favs..like New Kids on the Block and Jodeci. No matter how old they are or how old i get they are tunes that will have a meaning to me.

So to fullfill my craving i got the newly released universal cd of Jodeci - to revamp my collection of tapes...i got the CD and now i'm happy singing along to "Stay" and "Forever My Lady"

anyone Jodeci fans? remember their tunes?

Wasn't That Big a Fan...

a greatest hits compilation was released a couple of months ago, so you may enjoy that (if you don't already have it).

Then, of course, you had K-Ci & JoJo recording away from the group.

Re: Anyone remember?

yea there was K-Ci and Jojo, but i never felt it was teh same without Devante adn Delvin. I heard about this new CD where its apparently a greatest hits album...but all the songs have been revised and re-made (is that right?)and a DVD too...it was like raining with Jodeci merchandise! You can purchase teh dvd from amazon right? cause someone told me i had to call some #...anyone can help me?