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"The Songs of the Cenury"- a Greek Book

I came across this on the Net, and was wondering if there were any Greek acclaimed-music fans out there that could possibly investigate. It's a list of some 2,000 songs. Talk about HUGE.

The book was compiled based on tracks' social, artistic and commercial success when released and for the years after.

The artists with the most entries (I don't think it's a ranked feature):

1. The Beatles: 31
2. Bing Crosby: 28
3. Frank Sinatra: 20
4: Elvis Presley: 19
5. Glenn Mille: 17
6: Rolling Stones: 15
7 (tie). Nat King Cole: 13; Benny Goodman: 13
8 (tie). Marvin Gaye: 12) / Madonna: 12// Paul Whitema: 12
9: Guy Lombard: 11 / Stevie Wonder: 11
10 (tie): Michael Jackson: 10 / Elton John: 10
11 (tie): Louis Armstrong: 9 / Fred Astaire: 9 / Tommy Dorsey: 9 / Aretha Franklin: 9 / Supreme: 9

I've Been In Touch With the Publisher...

there also is an Albums of the Century book, with 2,000 or so albums featured!

Has anyone seen these books? I've asked the publisher how to go about obtaining them and such. I don't speak or read Greek, so the only use I'd really get out of it is seeing which titles were included.

A Bump...

there's just gotta be some AM fans from Greece that could track this book down. I had hesitated getting it (and the albums book), and it now appears that the contact I had has labeled my e-mails as spam.

I've uploaded the cover: