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Ritchie Unterberger's favourite cult albums

Ritchie Unterberger is an author of several books on rock music and a critic for the Allmusic Guide. All of these lists can be found on his webpage here:


All-Time Favorite Top Ten Cult Rock Albums of the 1960s

1. Love, Forever Changes
2. The Misunderstood, Before the Dream Faded
3. Skip Spence, Oar
4. The Great Society, Conspicuous In Its Absence
5. The Music Machine, Best of the Music Machine
6. The Bluethings, Listen & See
7. The United States of America, The United States of America
8. The Outsiders, CQ
9. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
10. Fred Neil, Fred Neil

All-Time Favorite Top Ten Albums of Overlooked Music from the Pre-Beatles era:

1. Link Wray, Mr. Guitar
2. Wanda Jackson, Rockin' with Wanda
3. Bobby Fuller, Shakedown! The Texas Tapes
4. Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, Johnny Kidd: Rocker
5. The Collins Kids, Introducing Larry and Lorrie
6. Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar: The Best of Dick Dale
7. Joe Meek, It's Hard to Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
8. Dale Hawkins, Oh! Susie Q: The Best of Dale Hawkins
9. Mickey & Sylvia, Love Is Strange & Other Hits
10. Aaron Neville, Show Me the Way

All-Time Favorite Top Ten Cult Rock Albums of the 1970s:

1. Nick Drake, Bryter Later
2. Syd Barrett, Crazy Diamond
3. Savage Rose, Dodens Triumf
4. The Rutles, The Rutles
5. Francoise Hardy, La Question
6. The Modern Lovers, The Original Modern Lovers
7. MU, MU
8. Tim Buckley, Starsailor
9. England's Glory, Legendary Lost Album
10. Peter Laughner & Friends, Take the Guitar Player for a Ride

All-Time Favorite Top Ten Cult Rock Albums of the 1980s:

1. Cleaners from Venus, Living with Victoria Grey
2. Penelope Houston, Birdboys
3. The Wayfarers, World's Fare
4. The Subterranean Dining Rooms, There's No Rock'n'Roll Singer Without a Spanish Knife
5. Denny Carleton, Color with Crayons
6. Start, Look Around
7. Jeff Kelly, Coffee in Nepal
8. Robert Wyatt, Compilation
9. Kahondo Style, Green Tea & Crocodiles
10. Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane, Moonlight

All-Time Favorite Top Ten Overlooked Soul Albums:

1. Irma Thomas, Time Is on My Side: The Best of Irma Thomas
2. Doris Troy, Just One Look: The Best of Doris Troy
3. Betty Everett, The Shoop Shoop Song
4. Dee Dee Warwick, The Sixties
5. Maxine Brown, Oh No Not My Baby: The Best of Maxine Brown
6. Gladys Knight & the Pips, Every Beat of My Heart: The Greatest Hits of the Early Years
7. Roy Head, Treat Her Right: The Best of Roy Head
8. Billy Butler & the Enchanters, The Right Track
9. Baby Washington, The Sue Singles
10.Young-Holt Unlimited, Wack Wack

All-Time Favorite Top Ten Cult Rock Albums of the 1990s:

1. Liz Phair, The Girly Sound Tapes (bootleg tape)
2. Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects, El Buya
3. Martin Newell, Martin Newell's Box of Old Humbug
4. Jeremy Enigk, Return of the Frog King
5. Jeff Kelly, Melancholy Sun
6. Damien Youth, Sunfield
7. Hayden, Everything I Long For
8. The Surprise Symphony, The Surprise Symphony
9. Magic Island, Small
10.Scenic, Aquatica

Re: Ritchie Unterberger's favourite cult albums

Revisiting some older threads I missed out on before...

I've actually heard:
Love FOREVER CHANGES (recommended)
Skip Spence OAR (fans of Syd Barrett would probably love...not for me so much though I do like some Moby Grape stuff)
Nick Drake BRYTER LAYTER (still making up my mind on this...)