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Too much rock

So many of these lists focus primarily (and even only) on rock/alternative acts. Can we try to get some more country, R&B, etc. lists? Too many music critics think rock is the only genre that matters

"Rock" Is an All-Encompassing Term...

for many of the lists. Country acts probably are the ones who get shafted the most (outside of Loretta Lynn's album this year- an exception).

Amidst best-of lists, you'll see hugely acclaimed albums, whether they're R&B acts, rock acts, etc.

Another problem is that there just aren't enough best-of R&B-type lists or things of that nature.

Re: Too much rock

Let's put it this way; of the top 20 albums on the list, only 3 don't fit into the mold of rock/alternative music (and 2 of those are at the bottom of the top 20). Some of the latest lists added are Pitchfork (a magazine that advertises itself as focusing on "alternative" music), Peelenium (which, from what I saw, was all about some alt/rock music), Kerrang (another source full of white rock bands), Jam (again, all "rock" music), etc. Of all the lists added in the past 2 updates, only 1 list (the VIBE list) focused on music that wasn't rock/alt.

I am not blaming Acclaimed Music because I don't know why so many lists focus on white rock acts. Maybe that really is what most music sources focus on. I am just pointing out a fallacy in the list.

Like Said...

there aren't enough genre-specific lists out there for country, R&B, etc. And, yah, even though "rock" is an all-encompassing term, at times there will be leanings toward that genre.

Entertainment Weekly has a 25 Best Rao Albums of All-Time list in the new edition, though. That could be added to the site. :)

Re: Too much rock

I do not disagree with you but a way to answer this is perhaps that very few European artists play country or hip-hop, and most European critics have limited interest in these genres. Thus, from a US perspective the Acclaimed Music lists look too rock-oriented.

Re: Too much rock

This is why I like the SINGLES-BASED form of lists: It helps to keep from over focusing on "album" oriented genres at the expense of great music from genres that are more focused on sharp 3-4 minute blasts of excellence...a.k.a. R&B/rap, dance music, most "girl groups" etc.

I love Dave Marsh's "Heart of Rock and Soul" for that reason (though I have huge disagreements with many o the 1001 he chose... )