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40/50's singles

Hi.I was trying to find out more about the singles from this era when i came across this website - an absolute goldmine! Using the singles listed here and others from Dave Marsh's list i started reseaching the songs to compile a list. I was wondering though what other singles would the readers recommend that are not on these lists.

I got one!

You must check out Ella Fitzgerald's "Night And Day"

Re: 40/50's singles

My suggestions for others:

Frank Sinatra "I'll Never Smile Again"
Glenn Miller "In the Mood"
Les Brown w/Doris Day "Sentimental Journey"
Andrews Sisters "Rum and Coca-Cola"
Johnny Mercer "On the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe"
Les Brown w/Doris Day "My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time"

Re: 40/50's singles

Kitty Wells' "Makin' Believe" is great, if you're into honky tonk.